The Adventures of the Frog Van – Traversing the USA West Coast in Style – Part one

When you imagine traveling to the USA you may think of many things such as Hollywood movie stars, New York City lights and southern cooked BBQ Ribs but for me, I think …. Road Trip!!

Our trip to the US was on a tight budget so to save costs we thought our best bet was to hire a camper and explore LA, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Phoenix & San Diego in style which saved on accommodation costs (free camping grounds and Wal-Mart car parks) so we could spend those hard-earned dollars on extras such as the San Diego Zoo and NBA games in Phoenix

Through some thorough research our most affordable option was an Escape camper that had the following features: comfy bed which could convert into indoor table and bench seats, camping stove + equipment and utensils, camping chairs, fridge and sink as well as storage for our backpacks and clothes. You can choose the design that you most like and at the time our favored option was the ‘frog van’ (pictured as the feature image of this blog at Monument Valley)

So with map in hand the road trip began …………


Heading firstly towards Orange Country (we were fans of the OC!) we were blessed to be able to sit back on the beach with some Corona’s whilst enjoying our first view of a sunset over the Pacific Ocean with iconic palm trees swaying as a backdrop

California Sunset

Soon we were headed towards the Grand Canyon. For some reason never had it occurred to either of us that it could snow in the Grand Canyon, this could be blamed on to many movies such as the Hangover where we imagined the Nevada & Arizona states to be a barren desert of heat and exhaustion. So to our surprise, it began snowing soon after Vegas and when we arrived at the Grand Canyon it was shrouded with snow and was literally ‘freezing’ which came in handy for chilling our corona’s to go with lunch!

Chilling CoronasGrand Canyon Camping

The snow added to the magic of the views and we can still remember walking up the stairs from the car park and hearing the collective gasps of joy and wonder when you first witness the ‘grandness’ of the Canyon.

I would highly recommend spending the time to drive out to the Southern rim (largest end of the Grand Canyon) as the magnitude of the canyon is something that words cannot put justice too

Southern Rim Facts:

  • Most popular viewing rim with over 5 million visitors a year as it offers a wide array of viewing posts & amenities
  • Best to visit between October to March to avoid the crowds (also you may get to see snow like we did)
  • visit the following website for more info

Grand Canyon Views

From the Canyon it’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Monument Valley in the state of Utah where you are able to drive around the valley for a small entrance fee at the Monument Valley visitor center. The great thing about the camper is that we were able to drive to the different monuments, set up a BBQ lunch and sit back and admire the view with not a tourist in sight – photo opportunities galore as well as time to sit back and be amazed at the opportunities we have to see and witness places such as this in our lifetimes!

Three Mittens
The Mittens

Monument Valley Facts:

Elephant Butte
Elephant Butte


‘If traveling were free you would never see me again’ – Blazepress

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