The Nut – Stanley Tasmania

Whilst on a quick weekend getaway to Tasmania for a friend’s wedding we made the short 2-hour drive across to the western side of Tassie to the township of Stanley and the well-known ‘nut’ landmark (The Nut State Reserve) after it was recommended to us by a fellow traveller at the B & B we were staying at in Shearwater (Castagni Bed and Breakfast, highly recommended). The drive into Stanley is picturesque with the large nut standing proudly against the ocean backdrop and the township built up upon the base of the mount.


We arrived just before lunch so we thought we would go up ‘The Nut’ first and then enjoy some lunch afterwards. There is a chairlift that can take you up or if feeling more adventurous (and fit) you can walk up and down the hill on a well-made path. We chose the easy option (primarily as we had not brought our trainers along so we were literally wearing the shoes we wore to the wedding) and for $16 return we went up the chairlift which I recommend doing at least one way as the view is picturesque and you can see for miles across the pristine landscape.

Stanley Township

Once at the top there is a loop walk which viewing points in various locations and bird life to be seen for those with sharp eyes. The walk itself is about 3km around which changes from hilltop bluff wilderness to forest bed trek within the space of a km.

Stanely Bay

After the walk and our chairlift back down we walked around the quaint village which has a number of little shops before heading to the Stanley Hotel for some well needed lunch. Highly recommend a stop here as the service was quick, the food amazing (think home cooked pies and dough bread) and a good view of the town to match.

Stanley Times

All in all, Stanley was a perfect ‘quick trip’ if you’re travelling around the northern region of Tasmania

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