Q. Why do I blog about travel?

A. Originally when I began blogging it was a way of showing our photos to friends and family and for ourselves so we wouldn’t forget the incredible adventures and the awkward travel moments we have had. Now though I also find writing a way as a form of escapism from my 8:30 to 5 job sitting behind a screen all day when I would love to be traveling instead.

To best explain why I blog about the subject of travel it to explain my roots. My parents were Dutch immigrants who moved to Australia in their early 20’s to join in the rush of farmers from Europe to try their hand at the booming dairy industry. They started small so there was no money for extravagant overseas trips (this was when flying still cost an arm and a leg) but I remember lots of road trips and even to this day there is nothing more relaxing (other than a bath and a book) then jumping in my car and just driving, no matter the destination.

First Road trip I remember to the snow fields

We explored most of the Eastern Australian landscape on family holidays cramped in a 5 seater ute with two sisters who ranged from the ‘I’m bored’ to the ‘I’m about to spew’ (then did spew all over dad’s new car) spectrum so I respect my parents for their persistence ♥

Movie World
Movie World on another road trip – classic 90’s fashion

In my teens my dream was to be a foreign correspondent, I would watch SBS World News (for non-Australians this is similar to BBC or CNN for world news stories) nightly instead of the generic national TV station news just to see what was happening in the world and imagining myself reporting in Kosovo or Timor, oblivious to the risks these journalists were constantly faced with. Before I knew it life got in the way and after gallivanting around Australia for a few years after I turned 18 with just a cat and my car, when I turned 24 I decided it was time to save some money and take the leap and just go exploring on a big jet plane. My first solo trip was to Thailand and within 4 years I would have traveled around the world and visited 28 Countries, met my husband to be, made some great friends on my travels and developed the itch for travel for life.

First Group Trip I went on to Thailand – great way to meet new friends when traveling alone (Gecko Tours 2008)

I love the sense of experiencing new foods, new cultures, different horizons and as a wildlife lover I want to see as much of nature in its full beauty while I still can. Traveling lets you be your true self!  You don’t have to pretend to be anything other than yourself when traveling to a new location as there are no pressures from normal life and the freedom this brings makes me feel liberated and I want to bring that feeling to others who may not have the opportunity to travel or are looking for ideas of their next adventure.

My blog is a work in progress, I dont claim to be a great writer or photographer or even a good storyteller of our travels but without trying how can I expect to build these skills so everytime hopefully is an improvement on the last

My first offical selfie (when they were still cool!?) – New Zealand (2009)



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