Holidays with Sienna – our first venture with a baby in tow! (10/8/17)

Its no secret that Anth and I love to travel! In our 7 years together we have traveled the world and enjoyed various types of holidays from relaxing on the beach in Miami to vespa food tours in the bustling and chaotic nightlife of Ho Chi Minh city streets so it came as quite a reality check when it came to our first trip with a baby. Even though we had prepared ourselves that we wouldn’t be doing a lot, the actual reality of this can be a disappointing letdown. I totally get why so many families holiday with their parents (grandparents) in tow so that they can still have time to do things they would like to do and know that their children are being safely looked after.
First time feeling sand in her toes 
 For me, as the primary carer of Sienna the letdown was only small as I knew what it was like to look after her 24 hours/7 days a week. For anth, who gets to escape to work 5 days a week (yes I believe that work is an escape though not everyone would agree) it hit a bit harder as it is hard knowing that most people around you are off island hopping, drinking at the local bar listening to live music at night while you’re sitting in your room by 8pm, bathing the baby and preparing for bed.
First time swimming with Dad

In saying all this, it was nice to get away and its not all doom and gloom! The weather in Fiji was perfect, the people were friendly and loved kids and we did manage to get some pool time in which was a bonus. The most rewarding parts were that Anth got to spend 9 days of solid contact time with Sienna which was beneficial for them both as this hadn’t happened since she was born and you could see their bond growing stronger over the days. Sienna also got to have her first swim, feel the sand in her toes for the first time as well as getting to experience new sights, sounds and smells to broaden her awareness.

Mini golf naps in the carrier
Sienna is still so small and holidaying with her as she gets older will get easier when we’re not so governed by nap times, feeding etc. We are lucky in that she travels well via all types of transport and she loves walking around and seeing new things in the carrier. I believe if you choose your holiday place wisely and you know what your baby prefers you can still have a rewarding and even somewhat relaxing holiday with a baby as long as you’re willing to compromise and adapt constantly along the way. It will always take the first trip to really know how your baby will cope, how you will cope and will give you a sense of what type of holidays would suit better in the future
Just hanging out waiting for the bus

For our future I believe road trips will be on the agenda so we can get naps in on the road while travelling to new and awesome places whilst we can also take a lot of her creature comforts along with us to make it more comfortable for everyone involved unless of course the grandparents want to tag along…. then the possibilities just got a lot wider 😉

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