The coin flip…How will it land today? (6/6/17)

The flip sides of sleep deprivation on my mum mind

Tail Side:

2 nights ago Sienna went to bed at 9pm (an hour early for her) so I decided to catch up on TV shows until 11 and head to bed (bad idea, why didn’t I sleep!!).

1am – screaming baby (she normally sleep from 10pm to 3pm consistently) so I feed her while grumbling away to myself that she should still be asleep

3am – crying for a feed (sigh heavily, keep my eyes closed for 5 minutes…crying doesn’t stop)

4:30 – crying for a feed (resigned to the fact my sleep is ruined… start watching you tube)

6am – crying for a feed

7:30am – crying for a feed

8:30am – hysterical for 45 minutes = mum at wits end

At 1am I was already frustrated, by 8:30 I was crying with Sienna, head pounding from a tired headache and feeling generally sorry for myself. She was going through a growth spurt as she had hit the 12 week mark and this was ‘apparently’ perfectly normal but sleep deprivation isn’t normal. It makes you think thoughts you normally wouldn’t such as

  • Why did I think having a baby was a good idea
  • I miss my old life/I want to go back to work
  • Maybe I can dress her in her cat suit and drop her off with Alex at the cattery for the day – 2 for the price of 1!
  • Why won’t you sleep … aren’t babies meant to sleep all the time..and you have sucked me dry… I’m not a cow you know!

Heads side

Last night Sienna went to bed at her normal time of 10pm after a bath and formula bottle to keep her full

1am I woke up… she was still sleeping

4am I woke up….baby still sleeping – check to see if still breathing

6am…Sienna stirred for a feed – b*obs were ready to explode so snatched her up before she could even wake and fed her

8:30am – another feed and feel asleep in my arms so put her back down (now she would normally wake up again by 9am)

9am – sleeping baby

10am – check to see if still breathing – still sleeping

11am – the child awakens… she has NEVER slept this long

I also got more rest and awake time which = happy mum with a partially cleaned house and included thoughts such as

  • I love my child
  • Having a baby isn’t so bad
  • I have time to write a blog post about it even haha


As my friend Hayley from mothers group says – Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and I whole heartedly agree when I am having a tail side day!

Hang in there sleepless mums, at some stage it should get better (fingers crossed)

What a well rested baby looks like!

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