The Eczema Curse (7/7/17)

Today I looked into your eyes Sienna and my heart broke a little. Your eyes are swollen and red, you have a large eczema rash over one cheek, a rash all over your head and inflamed eczema in all your little cracks and folds and you still managed to smile at me with tears in your eyes. As a mother, it’s my instinct to want to protect you, you’re so innocent and small and you don’t deserve severe eczema. Instead of playing with your toys on the floor like you used to you now scratch your head and face constantly with red scratches appearing more and more as you dig in. You wake up throughout the night to rub your head and eyes, whimpering in your sleep as the itch takes hold while I lay awake and wish it away for you

I have become an eczema google doctor and am trying everything to ease your suffering. I moisturise 3 times a day, do itchy baby co bath soaks and masks, clean the house constantly while you nap to make sure that any allergens are contained but so far to no avail. Unfortunately, the by-product of this is that I am exhausted, I am running on empty and sometimes have a short fuse with you. So, as you lay sleeping right now I apologise Sienna, I am trying every day to make you feel better. You may grow out of it and you may not (your father hasn’t as yet) but please know I will always be here for you, attempting to fix your ailments in any way I can

Love mummy  xx

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