7 months on, things have changed….

My 7 month old baby is growing so fast I am afraid to blink in case I miss the special moments. I’m not talking about the milestones such as rolling, crawling, walking but rather the little moments such as the smile she gives when I open her door after a nap. The way she watches me driving in her rear-view mirror to check I am still there, her giggles of joy when we dance around the room or the way she splashes the water when trying to catch all her ducks in her bath. She has changed so much and so have I ….

My anxiety levels have dropped to the point where I can hear Sienna cry, the neighbourhood dogs barking, Alex meowing to come inside and I can sip my tea calmly and smile at life. 7 months ago, you would probably have found me hiding in my room, tears in my eyes, wanting to move house and trying to calm my mind so I didn’t have a panic attack!

Of course, I still have some bad days and life is not all rainbows and lollipops but my anxiety has subsided and with it my quality of life with Sienna has improved. Along the way I have spring cleaned my life, chopped out a lot of my negative social media addictions, stopped wasting time on people who weren’t bothered with mine, combined my blogs into this new and improved site and most importantly I have grown as a mother and am enjoying it which is something I never thought I would say in this lifetime

P.S. I won’t be updating the Sienna Files or Endless summer travels as this site will now be my main hub so if you would like to stay updated please subscribe on the follow link and you will be sent a email for new posts etc (no pressure if you don’t)

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