Poo-splosions, Airplane bites and Beach Days – travelling with a 7-month-old to Noosa

Let me set the scene, we have a 9:55 flight and we are 2 hours from the airport so we have a 6:30am start. Sienna wakes at 5am with a poopy nappy so we are on track to leave on time and the poop of the day is done with. Once we are packed and loaded and 5 min from home I smell a waft of poo come my way and I feel the dread overcome me. Pulling over to the shoulder of the road we get Sienna out to find poop all through her pants, up her back and now in her hands (are you gagging yet?). After a poonami clean-up we are on our way again with a quick stop at a park bin to discard of the reeking nappy bag.

A sign of things to come (note the 2 chompers at the bottom)

We managed to arrive on time to the airport despite the fog haze blanketing the city and after a minor delay to our flight we were on our way. Now Sienna is normally a great flyer and all I need to do is feed her to settle her off for a nap halfway during the trek. Assuming the position, Sienna was feeding fine until suddenly I felt her only 2 teeth gnash down on my nipple and attach themselves there. I shrieked as quietly as I could on a packed plane, Sienna started screaming, I started yelling at my husband to do something while nursing my wounded and bleeding nip thinking I will never breastfeed again and suddenly we are those people on the plane with the screaming baby that no one wants to sit near!

But I have gotten ahead of myself, this was the flight home and we had just had a lovely 5 days in Noosa with the mother in-law along for baby-sitting assistance. I will let the photos do most of the talking but needless to say we enjoyed perfect weather while we there, time at the beach and Sienna’s first swim in the open ocean and we ate….  a LOT!

Chilled Baby
Eating out on Hastings Street

We went to the markets, went for a coastal walk or 3 and saw whales from the balcony of our townhouse. Noosa is a great short stay getaway and perfect with a baby as everything is central so no need to stress about being far from anything.

Beach days
Sandy toes
Coastal Walks & Whales

We came back slightly heavier, tanned and refreshed and other then a bruised nip and the fact that my husband accidentally threw out the bag of dirty clothes in the park bin instead of the poopy nappy bag which was buried in with our clothes for the flight home (queue stink bag and vomit face when I opened it) we had a great second trip with Sienna

Bush Turkey
Hanging with Dad
How we bathe on holidays
Family xx

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