Writers Block & 2018 Blog Goals

2018 has started off with a bout of writer’s block. Sometimes when blogging you feel that you have to have some exciting story to share or something good to complain about that people can relate to. When you don’t have one of these ideas you feel like something mundane would just be boring and no one would read it and that’s where the problem lies. It goes back to what your reasons are for blogging – Is it an outlet for your emotions and writing or is it a competition to see how many views you can get by selecting just the right heading that will hook a reader in?

Its easy to get sucked into the need for attention and views but at the end of the day it should be about you and your own creativity. Who cares if no one reads it as long as you felt a sense of release or satisfaction when you finished your tale. These days with the likes of Instagram, twitter, Facebook etc, we get so caught up in wanting attention and likes that we lose ourselves in the process and become who others want us to be for the sake of likes

So, my 2018 goal in the blog world is to stay true to myself, write whatever I feel the need to even if I have no readers or I feel that my writing isn’t worth it and to blog at least twice a month. Lastly, I am going to resist looking at my viewing stats or subscribers for the first 2 months so I can get back to writing as a passion and not as a tool for attention!

Happy 2018 to you all xx

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